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Pilipinas Climbing Membership

Pilipinas Climbing ·

Pilipinas Climbing is now open for membership!

Asian Cup Manila Live!

Pilipinas Climbing ·

Livestream it here or watch at The Bouldering Hive in Circuit Makati.

Asian Cup Manila 2022

Pilipinas Climbing ·

The Philippines is hosting its first IFSC event on November 5-6 at The Bouldering Hive in Circuit Makati.

SCAPI COVID-19 Guidelines


As restrictions are slowly being lifted, let's all do our part to restart climbing responsibly.

Vertical Smiles

Nick Aguilos ·

Nick Aguilos tells the story of a climbing gym's efforts to be heard

Lust for Lime XIV

Lilay Marquez ·

Lust for Lime has been the annual go to rock trip to the crags of Cebu. Lilay Marquez captures the moments of the 13th rendition of this event

Meet The Team (Part 1)

Send Staff ·

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What's in your bag, Dru?

Michelle Co ·

In this second edition of What's In Your Bag, we peered inside Andrew Robles' climbing bag.

Climb Central Manila Turns 3

Bea Bermundo ·

Bea Bermundo photographs the moments and the in betweens of Climb Central Manila's third year anniversary

Walls Are Meant For Climbing

Nikki Natividad ·

While climbing is a relatively new sport, the urge to climb is a tale as old as time. It’s a pull so strong that it’s driven people to make some seemingly crazy life choices.

Story: Adventure Central

Nick Aguilos ·

Along the banks of the Iloilo River is a climbing gym that aims to spread the outdoor sports mentality to a wider audience in Iloilo.

What's in your bag, Yoshi?

Michelle Co ·

In this article, we talked to Japanese climber and frequent traveller Yoshimasa Shiraiwa about what he carries in his gym bag.

Climbing Starter Kit

Cindy McSender ·

Want to try rock climbing but don’t know where to start? Worry not, this article has all you need to know in order to begin!

National Bouldering Competitions 2018

Michelle Co ·

Tensions ran high as local and international climbers vied for a spot in the podium during the R.O.X. Zero Gravity International Bouldering Competition 2018.


Nick Aguilos ·

Quezon is a landlocked town in the heart of Central Mindanao. Here lies many limestone outcrops that collectively will be considered as the Climbing Capital of the Philippines. Mackie Makinano, the main person behind the development of many of the Philippines' climbing areas, has been traveling back and forth to Quezon; every trip, he and his team of crag developers bolts several more sport lines up the faces of these limestone giants