Pilipinas Climbing is now open for membership! To support its various programs, our organization needs revenue and membership fees will be one of them.

Pilipinas Climbing, the national governing body for sport climbing in the Philippines, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and development of sport and rock climbing across the country and the selection and training of its national athletes. By being a member, you help in (among others):

  • Developing rock climbing routes across the country led by the Philippine Bolting Team
  • Cultivating our national athletes, both current and aspiring ones
  • Improving the conduct and quality of local climbing competitions
  • Set the direction of climbing in the Philippines

What will you get as a member?

  • Perks with our partners such as discounts
    • SEACF Certification Courses
    • The North Face
    • More partners to come (climbing gyms, retail, etc.)
  • Ability to vote for officers and in key decisions which need referendum
  • Ability to join in national and international competitions

The membership fee is ₱900, renewed annually (1 year from the date of payment). Fill up this form and follow the instructions on how to pay.

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