Lust for Lime has been the go to rocktrip in the Philippines to date. We ask Lilay Marquez, a local adventure photographer from Cebu to show us what the 14th Lust for Lime looked through her lens

Lust for Lime XIV Vlad Mazurenko from Ukraine gets ready for his first climb of the day

Lust for Lime XIV Yoga teacher Regina showing us how to do yoga while climbing

Lust for Lime XIV Doty Perez, home for the long weekend and for Lust for Lime, working her way up on Itchy Flutterby

Lust for Lime XIV Dig in guys! You need fuel for the party and games later on

Lust for Lime XIV Ivan Iaskiv and Vlad Mazurenko battles each other in beer-and-burpees challenge, best done with a helmet on

Lust for Lime XIV All smiles from everyone during the earlier part of the night, when everything was still PG-13 and we still knew each other’s names

Lust for Lime XIV View from Ate Yolly’s guesthouse. Multi-pitch action for some guests on the next day

Lust for Lime XIV Not too late to the party, Sufei Zhang happily tries on Bohemian route

Lust for Lime XIV Naoki-san enjoying more climbing

Lust for Lime XIV Adrian Lu sends Team Sais. Cheers to more sendage during Lust for Lime

Lust for Lime XIV Matt Bostock, Sufei Zhang, Cebu’s okayest belayer (now demoted to just ‘okay’ by Lilay) Bal Valdehueza, and Lucia Roupcova enjoying the routes in Area 4

Lust for Lime XIV Congratulations to all the guests Thank you to organizers for another successful Lust for Lime

Lust for Lime XIV See you all next year!


Image © of Lilay Marquez

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