The Philippines is hosting its first IFSC event on November 5-6 at The Bouldering Hive (bhive) in Circuit Makati.

 Asian Cup Manila 2022

Asian Cup Manila is a Continental Cup in the Bouldering discipline where national athletes from all over Asia compete for medals. The two-day event will feature multiple World Cup finalists and promises to showcase the highest level of bouldering ever seen in the country.

Preceding the main event are IFSC-sanctioned courses for technical officials. Experienced local routesetters and aspiring judges are encouraged to sign up for the certificate courses below (to be also held at bhive).

Lastly, Filipino climbers who are not currently part of the Philippine National Team may apply to join the competition below.

More details, like how to spectate, are to follow. We’re excited to bring world-class competition again in Manila!


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